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Sokha Beach


Sokha Beach:  
Sokha Beach is perhaps the prettiest and most popular beach at Sihanoukville. It is adjoins O’Cheuteal Beach. It is also long, though the water is deeper here. The beach was once more crowded that O’Cheuteal Beach, because Cambodians prefer it to the other beaches. However, Oknha Sok Kung’s Okha Hotel Company recently took over operations at the beach. The company is building up the area in hopes of attracting more tourists to Sihanoukville.



Preah Sihanouk Ream National Park

Preah Sihanouk Ream National Park is located between Koh Thmei and Sihanoukville, about 118 kilometers from downtown Sihanoukville. The park, which has been open since 1993, covers 21,000 hectares of marine habitats.


The National Park features secluded beaches, mangroves forests, tropical jungles, 155 different species of birds, monkeys and during the months of December, January and February the infamous white fresh water dolphin. It also offers a good transportation service to some islands such as Koh Ta Keav and Koh Rusei.

Phnom Leu

Phnom Leu is a nature and cultural site. There is a pagoda on the mountaintop, which offers visitors a panoramic view of the beaches and Sihanoukville international port. Most visitors are local people who visit the site during national festivals.

Prampi Chaon Beach

Prampi Chaon Beach  
The beach is short and narrow, and the waves are bigger that at other beaches, making it popular with locals, who favor it most after Sokha Beach. 

O’ Cheuteal Beach

O’ Cheuteal Beach

The beaches at Sihanoukville are in a state of flux, as developers move in to cash in on the tourism boom. The best all-rounder is O’cheuteal Beach; the northern end has emerged as quite a popular with Khmers and midrange tourists staying in the nearby hotels. Serendipity Beach is a cool place to chill out with a drink, but it gets very crowded these days and has rocky waters. Lining the back of Ocheuteal are pine trees, which provide useful shade in the heat of the day. The sand stretches on southwards for a couple of kilometers and it’s worth trekking down here if you want a bit of privacy. A new resort is slowly under construction in the central of the beach.

Just around a small headland at the southern end of Ocheuteal Beach is Otres Beach, a seemingly infinite strip of empty white sand. Government officials are eagerly dividing up land behind the beach, but for now there are still no bungalows and fewer visitors make it here than other beaches around town.

O’Cheuteal Beach is located in Sangkat Nr.3, Large and long with white sand and shallow water, it is the most popular beach in Sihanoukville, attracting many foreigners. There are a number of food stalls along the beach, in addition to fruit and seafood vendors.

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