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Trusted Cambodia Tours (TCT) is the founder of a charitable organization called Cambodia Development Organization for Childen (CAMDOC). Our projects and programs are included:
  1. Building water wells, schools and libraries for poor people and children
  2. Supplying nutritious foods for poor school children
  3. Providing school stationeries, uniforms and other school supplies for poor school children
  4. Providing scholarship for poor school children
  5. Providing cows to poor farmers to feed
  6. Providing free transport services for poor patients to hospitals (ambulance)
  7. Providing vocational training to children and adults

Projects Appealing for Funds

We are appealing for funds to implement the below projects:
Ambulance for transporting poor patients/victims to hospital:
Apart from helping children, building water wells and schools, CAMDOC is also planning to provide and ambulance for free transport services to poor patients or victims of accidents who are living in the remote areas.

Our Donors

Our donors are:
  1. Cambodia Child Aid
  2. Trusted Cambodia Tours
  3. Friends and relatives of CAMDOC directors and members, and
  4. Direct visitors.
However, we still need much more fund to continue our projects and programs. Every cent of donation will be highly appreciated.

Projects & Costs

Projects and Costs:
  1. One water well (pump well) costs between US$70 - US$80
  2. Standard school building: costs between US$ 8,000 – US$8,500 per room.
  3. US$10 feeds one child, one nutritious meal per day, for one month (the project will serve a meal one time per day at school.
  4. US$30 to US$50 covers the education costs per month for one child
  5. for US$50 we can buy shoes for 10 children
  6. for US$110 we can supply dental care for 20 children for one month
  7. for US$100 per month we can hire one English teacher for one primary school
  8. for US$100 – US$300 we can buy one cow for the very poor farmers
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