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Trusted Cambodia Tours (TCT) is the founder of a charitable organization called Cambodia Development Organization for Childen (CAMDOC). Our projects and programs are included:
  1. Building water wells, schools and libraries for poor people and children
  2. Supplying nutritious foods for poor school children
  3. Providing school stationeries, uniforms and other school supplies for poor school children
  4. Providing scholarship for poor school children
  5. Providing cows to poor farmers to feed
  6. Providing free transport services for poor patients to hospitals (ambulance)
  7. Providing vocational training to children and adults
Below are our present implementing programs.
Water Well
The poor hygienic situation in the villages is the main course of diseases and a high death rate especially amongst the youngest children. This can easily be improved by giving all people access to clean water wells and explain them some hygiene basics. Cambodia Children Aid and CAMDOC have a project where the poorest families that do not have access to a clean water well are helped, by spending them and the neighboring families a well. Such a well is a deeply dug or drilled hole in the ground with a hand operated pump, made out of plastic tubes on top of it. The families are expected to help with digging and making the place such that it can be kept clean. Before operation, the water quality is checked. The water must be free from sediment, heavy metals and poisonous chemicals and of course meet minimum biological cleanliness standards. The average costs of a new well of this kind is between $ 70 - 75.

Dental Hygiene Project
Over 1500  students of the primary school have been givenIMG_4111 tooth brushes and tooth paste and introduction on 'how to...'. At location there is an evaluation on how the project is accepted and how to continue. Of course the idea is that people become aware of the importance of good tooth maintenance and assign it a high priority in their monthly available budget. The 1500 students are just those of 3 primary schools including Kouknang, Prolit and Roeurl Primary school. If the project works out well we will extend it to the other schools. In practice this means that quite a few families need permanent support in nature during the first years.
Health Station
The Roeurl Commune has a small health care station where sick or wounded people can go -there is no transport- for some basic health care. Only for the very poor people, these have a kind of health card, it is free of charge. Other people have to pay something. The 5 nurses -there is no qualified medical doctor- are underpaid by the government, there is a lack of basic medical materials, furniture and medicines. There is no organized system to get people into a hospital, the costs of hospitalization are relatively high, the health care is poor due to underpaid staff.

Through private initiative the health station was given three beds and some basic local anesthetics. This way at least the patients would not have to lay on the concrete floor while being treated or recovering and wounded patients can be treated under local anesthesia.

Individual Support
Individual children and their families are supported, in order to create a situation where the family can afford the children to send to school.
CAMDOC Training Center. In the center we have English Class, Sewing Class and coming Computer Class.

English Class: Cambodia is in many ways dependent on contacts with foreign countries (aid organizations) and foreigners (tourism). In order to have a chance in future it is extremely important that besides learning the national Khmer language well, students should follow education in English. We would like to follow the initiatives of CAMDOC and start English classes in every school in Roeurl. This means however that teachers has to be educated. Only a few existing teachers speak a bit of English. Furthermore there has to be a salary guarantee, otherwise they will move to the larger city schools. Typical costs: teaching material for the children $2 per child per year and teacher's salary $90 / month. Total costs per year estimated $ 1200 per school.

Computer classes
Basic knowledge and hands on experience with computers (computer language English!) is of great importance for the younger generation. The furnishing of a computer class with 6 computers, electric generator, electronic safety equipment and desks costs about $4000 (non recurrent), the other costs like teaching material, gasoline for the generator and the teacher's salary are about $3000 / year (recurrent).

Sewing Class:

We have one sewing Atelier with 30 trainees and one trainer for the first promotion. At the end of the course, they will have paid job which will be offerred by our organization.

We spend between US$2000 to US$4000/month to keep our activities running. We are now raising fund to continue our activities. Any amounts of donation is highly appreciated. The report will be sent to donor(s) upon request or once per three months. Please contact us by email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Please visit our website for more details:http://www.camdocaid.org/


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