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Khmer Traditional Dance

Cambodian traditional dancing is an art and culture that captures the hearts of our guests. The ancient Khmer dances reflect the pre-Angkor Era. 

Below we explain a few of the dances. Apsara dancing is by far the most popular. We'll take you to Apsara performances that happen at your dinner table at some of the best restaurants in the country.

Apsara Dancing
This royal ballet is based on the legendary Khmer battles and mythical sagas. The beautiful Apsara dancers are half-woman, half-goddess. Each gesture symbolizes something meaningful, such as love or peace. Their circular movements, poised motions, and lightness of their gestures, all symbolize their hovering between heaven and earth.

Khmer Classical Dance
Khmer Classical Dance is a form of Cambodian dance originally performed only for royalty. During the mid-20th century, it was introduced to the public where it now remains a celebrated icon of Khmer culture.

Khmer Folk Dance
Khmer folk dances are fast-paced. The movements and gestures are not as stylized as Khmer classical dance. Folk dancers wear clothes of the people they are portraying such as fishermen, hill tribes, farmers, and peasants. Some folk dances are about love, or are folktales about animals.

Blessing Dance
This dance is performed at official opening ceremonies offering wishes to the audience. In this classical piece the lyrics and gestures describe the wishes of happiness. Flower petals are tossed gently from small golden trays as a way of blessing the audience and the event.

The Fishing Dance
This is a playful, energetic folk dance with a strong, easy-to-follow story line. Clad in rural attire, a group of young men and women fish with rattan baskets and scoops, dividing their attention between work and flirtatious glances. Women are portrayed as hardworking, shy, demurring and coy, whereas the young men are strong, unrestrained, roguish and assertive.

Hanuman and Sovann Macha: The Monkey and The Mermaid
This story is an excerpt from the epic tale "Ramayana" (from India), known in Khmer as "Riemker". The monkey general Hanuman was a very close aid of Prince Rama. When the Prince's lovely wife Sita was kidnapped and taken prisoner, the Prince asked Hanuman to help him rescue her. Hanuman didn't hesitate. He called the monkey army together and devised a plan.

Coconut Shells Dance
This dance demonstrates the richness of the coconut plants in Cambodia. It's often performed during a wedding procession, engagement ceremony and other national festivities. Well-polished coconut shells are used as musical instruments by dancers, who bring live animation and flirtatious movements to enhance the festivity.




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