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Projects Appealing for Funds

We are appealing for funds to implement the below projects:
Ambulance for transporting poor patients/victims to hospital:
Apart from helping children, building water wells and schools, CAMDOC is also planning to provide and ambulance for free transport services to poor patients or victims of accidents who are living in the remote areas.

Why need an ambulance?
Looking at the living situation of the people in the rural areas, besides sufficient food, a good health is the primary need for living.
About 10% of the death cases stem from the lack of money for treatment in or timely transport to the hospital. From those, about 5% are the poorest people who have no money at all to pay for a motor taxi to bring the patient to the hospital.
In extreme cases the patients are carried to the hospital in a hammock, sometimes transport is done with ox-carts. No discussion that in severe cases the delay causes numerous people to die unnecessary.
It is clear that it is even more difficult to bring patients to the provincial hospital or clinic, located 50 to 100 km from their homes.
Realizing this, CAMDOC decided to initiate the Ambulance Project and is appealing for donors.
The cost of an acceptable 8 seat van that can serve as an ambulance are in between US$ 6,000 and US$15,000.
Therefore, CAMBODIA DEVELOPMENT ORGANIZATION FOR CHILDREN appeals for help of all humanitarians who are willing to contribute. Every dollar will help the deprived children and people to escape the hardship.

Apart from cultivation,fishing and construction, breeding and keeping animals can increase the farmer's income and generate natural fertilizer for their crop and newly planted seedlings. In an interview with about 40 farmer families in the 3 villages Prolit, Tropeangrusei and Tropeang Thom near Siem Reap, 10 expressed the need for a cow donated by the organization. Most other farmers already had a cow.
One cow costs between US$ 200 to $ 300.
CAMDOC adopts five primary schools in the rural areas of Siem Reap. The organization supplements salary of the teachers, provides scholarships, nutritious food, teaches English and offers the children computer classes. CAMDOC is seeking for fund to continue this project.


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