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Bakan Or Preah Khan Temples

Bakan or Preah Khan Temples:

The Bakan temples are located in Ta Siang village, Ronakse commune, Sangkum Thmei district, about 105 kilometer southwest of the provincial town. The temple was built in the reign of King Suryavaman I (AD 1002 – 1050), on a plain that was a former worship place of the King. The temple is surrounded by two ramparts—inside and outside rampart. Inside each rampart, there are many other temples such as Neang Peuo and Dangkao Baodos temples.

The temple was likely a royal palace and worship place. According to historians, the site used to be a hiding place of King Jayavarman VII before he ascended to the throne in AD 1181 because the style of some construction is similar to the style of Bayon and Ta Prohm temple.

Outside the rampart, there are many other temples such as Preah Damrei, Preah Thkaol, Ta Prohm, Muk Buon and Preah Stung temple.


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