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Kampi is 15 kilometers north of Kratie provincial town. From Prek Kampi Bridge, visitors have a lovely view of the Mekong River and scores of small islands and thousands of green, aquatic plants. This natural site in Kratie province is the home of the Irrawadi dolphin, a fresh water mammal that is endangered in Cambodia. The water depth at Kampi is very shallow, only 0.5 to 1.3 meters deep, and the water flows very slowly.

From January to May and especially during Khmer New Year, Kampi is extremely popular with locals and foreigners who enjoy swimming there. The site can accommodate thousands of visitors and is very convenient because it is close to National Road 7. The site has been improved over the years to attract more tourists. There are floating cottages for rent, as well as food and beverages for sale. An emergency service and security guard are also on site.

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