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Monoreach Hotel - Around $32

Standard Class - 
Monoreach_hotelMonoreach in Khmer, from which the hotel's name was derived, means the mind of the country ruler, the King,

and his compassion to his land and people. This has been the legendary expression of the famous King Jayavarman VII who has brought prominence the grandeur of the Khmer Empire during his time, hence, at Monoreach Angkor Hotel, we think and treat our guests with much care, comfort and hospitality MONOREACH ANGKOR HOTEL is a sanctuary for guests who expect excellent traditional Khmer hospitality and friendly service. Whether business or leisure, Monoreach is your luxurious home away from home. Elegantly furnished to provide a comfortable stay when you return from the magnificent temples of Angkor , our professional & friendly staff will ensure that your stay is luxurious, comfortable and relaxing.

Room rate around US$32. the rate is valid only booking with Trusted (Cambodia) Travel & Tours. Click here to see more information about the Hotel. Please send your booking to E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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