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Wildlife Shelters

Wildlife Shelters are the natural boundaries that provide the natural habitats and protection for a wide variety of native flora and fauna. 

This area is very important for tourists who wish to learn about Cambodian wildlife. There are 10 main wildlife shelters in Cambodia. 

■  Phnom Oral is located at the junction of Koh Kong, Pursat and Kampong Chhnang provinces. It covers 253, 750 hectares and is home to tigers and elephants.    

■  Piem Krasaob is in Koh Kong province. It covers 23, 750 hectares and is rich in birds. 
■  Phnom Som Kos is in Koh Kong province. It covers 333,750 hectares. Elephants have been spotted in the area. 
■  Ro Niem Daun Som is in Battambang province and covers 178, 750 hectares.
■  Kulen Prom Tep is in Siem Reap and Preah Vihear provinces. It covers 402,500 hectares. 
■  Beung Pe is in Kampong Thom province. It covers 242,500 hectares. 
■  Lum Phat is located in Rattanakiri and Mondulkiri provinces. It covers 250,000 hectares and is home to wild buffalo and Tunsaong, a type of wild ox. 
■  Phnom Prich is located in Mondulkiri and Kratie provinces. It covers 222,500 hectares and is home to wild oxen. 
■  Phnom Nam leat is in Mondulkiri province. It covers 47, 500 hectares and is home to elephants, tighers and a variety of wild birds. 
■  Snuol is located in kratie province. It covers 75,000 hectares. Many varieties of quadrupeds live in this area. 
Wildlife in Cambodia is classified into four main categories: 
■  Mammals (quadruped): 36 species remain so far
■  Reptiles: 6 species remain so far. 
■  Birds: 102 species remain so far. Among these, 10 species are rare species
■  Fishes: there are two types of fish in Cambodia—fresh water fish, of which 105 species remain, and sea fish. The seas off of Cambodia’s coast are home to 183 species of fish. In addition, there are a variety of crabs, lobsters, shrimp, snail, calms and oysters. 
There are three main water bird perches in Cambodia.
■  Prek Tol is located in the villages of Kampong Prohok, Along Ta Ur, Thvang 9the second fishing lot), Koh Chiviang commune, Ek Phnom district next to Sangke district along Prek Da and Prek Sport, Batambang province. A variety of wildlife coexists in this area, which comprises 9 square kilometers. The wildlife includes 64 species of birds, 14 species of mammals and 19 species of reptiles. 
■  Beung Chhmar (Chhmar River) is located in Srorng district in Kampong Thom province. A wide variety of bird species can be seen in the area during the dry season. 
■  Tropang Thma is located in Phnom Srok district, Bateay Meanchey province. Gray cranes, which are almost extinct, inhabit this area. The cranes move twice per year from Rattanakiri to Banteay Meanchey province.

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